the MoMITT Rodeo Ride

The MoMITT Rodeo Ride | BLACK course

Postponed until 2024

The MoMITT Rodeo Ride | BLUE course

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After a mass start, neutral roll-out for the first five miles, when unleashed the MoMITT Rodeo Ride will set out on pristine Leelanau county roads, while mixing in sectors of gravel and dirt mixed terrain. A race for the gravelleurs on a mix of seasonal, orchard, vinyard, paved and unimproved roads that will test your ability, and stretch your endurance. A fast and fun 57 mile course on Northern Michigan mixed terrain. This event includes exclusive access to private gravel and dirt roads that have yet to be ridden, along with 13 gravel and dirt sectors, and 3200' of climbing. Pick your poison with gravel, road, or mountain bike. An American classic race for some, and an enjoyable challenge for others others just out ridin'.