Michigan's Endurance Festival

SEPTEMBER 22-23 The Village at Grand Traverse Commons


Embrace adventures, conquer challenges and overcome obstacles amidst the wild splendor of Northern Michigan's terrains. Revel in the journey and the joy it brings, evident in the big, salty grins of you and your friends running and riding the exclusive MoMITT courses. Once you've crossed the finish line, unwind to live tunes at the North Peak Beer & Food truck garden, with wine and cider offerings from Left Foot Charley. Whether you're a runner, rider, or just there for the fun, you're invited for an exclusive underground tour beneath the former State Hospital at the picturesque grounds of The Village at Grand Traverse Commons.

The Dirty Des at Dusk Run

Get Your Glow Shoes On

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Saddle Up for the Rodeo Ride

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  • 6PM-8PM Registration & Packet Pick-up
  • Free ~ Open to the public
  • 6PM-10PM Beer and Wine Garden
  • 6PM-10PM Taco | Nacho Truck
  • 7PM-10PM DJ SkinKwonDoe | no cover
  • 8PM-10PM Dirty Desk at Dusk Run
  • 6:45 | 7:15 VIP Tunnel Experience

  • 7:30AM-9AM Registration & Packet Pick-up
  • 7:30AM Breakfast Burritos | Coffee | Pastries
  • 9AM MoMITT Rodeo Ride Start
  • Free ~ Open to the public
  • 9AM-6PM Taco | Nacho Truck
  • 11AM-6PM Beer and Wine Garden
  • 12PM-6PM DJ SkinKwonDoe | no cover
  • 11:30 | 3:30 | 4:30 VIP Tunnel Experience

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    SEPT 22-23

    Right here in the heart of Traverse City, within the storied walls of the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, we've brought together something truly exceptional—a race event that's all about pushing limits, forging connections, and celebrating the beauty of Northern Michigan.


    The MoMitt Rodeo Ride | Gravel-road Epic

    Welcome to the MoMitt Rodeo Ride, a cycling experience that immerses you in the untamed beauty of Northern Michigan's landscapes. Whether you're more of a roadie or a mountain biker, this mixed surface event will make a graveleur out of you before you're finished. The MoMitt Rodeo Ride offers two distinct courses—the BLACK (100 mile) and the BLUE (57 mile) —that take you on private vinyards, unimproved county roads, orchards, seasonal roads, Pyramid Point, Inspiration Point, Empire Village, Miller Hill, Echo Valley, Sweet Lake, and dirty ol' Fowler.

    The MoMITT Rodeo Ride | BLACK course

    Postponed until 2024

    The MoMITT Rodeo Ride | BLUE course

    57 miles | 3200' | 13 Gravel Sectors | 1 Aid Station | MSP 5 mile neutral leadout | Exclusive Access

    Pick Your Poison

    Gravel rig ~ 40-42mm tires ideal | Road bike ~ 32-35mm min | MTB ~ slim & light rubber


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    Run the night! The Dirty Des at Dusk is a 5-Mile course that weaves through history, immersed in live music

    Get ready to embrace the extraordinary with Dirty Des at Dusk—a dynamic 5-mile run that pairs the excitement of running in the twilight, alongside Boston Marathon champion, Des Linden. In collaboration with this renowned athlete, the Dirty Des at Dusk offers a one-of-a-kind experience that combines runners, spectators, and live music while weaving through the grounds of the Village at Grand Traverse Commons.

    A Run Like No Other | Guided by a Champion

    Dirty Des at Dusk isn't your typical race; it's an opportunity to step out of the ordinary and into a new light. While being led by Boston marathon champion, and two time Olympian, Des Linden. After dusk settles in, and the music is bumping, participants set off on a mixed surface 1.65 mile course through the iconic Village at Grand Traverse Commons. Being able to literally run around the music and beer garden three times allows runners and spectators to be a part of the festival and music. Complete two laps for a 5k distance, or all three for the 5 mile stretch. The route showcases the unique blend of terrain that this historic location has to offer.

    Grab a headlamp, and bring your GLOW

    All runners will receive a reusable LED glow band as well! The Dirty Des at Dusk presents the chance to explore the Village at Grand Traverse Commons in a whole new light—literally. The 5-mile course is illuminated in the twilight, casting a unique glow over this historic site. It's not just about running; it's about immersing yourself in the distinct atmosphere that only twilight on these grounds can provide.

    Are you ready to make your mark on the dusk? Lace up your shoes, grab your headlamp and come join us for the Dirty Des at Dusk—an extraordinary experience where twilight running fun, and live music, meets the heart of champion athleticism.